Monday, 27 August 2012

Seanie Sean / Street Punk Drunks And His Links To The Far Right

The first comeback blog had to be on Seanie Sean. He and one of his far right comrades drove up from Liverpool on Saturday 25th August to put in a complaint against me. This was not this first time either! It was actually his third complaint against me. More on that later though!

Seanie Sean and the Street Punk Drunks first came to the attention of Anti-Fascists in the summer of 2012 when he attempted to put on ‘Steelcapped Strength’ a Far Right Blood + Honour band. To try and fool people he actually booked them under the name ‘Bisson & The Vikings’. After many phone calls to the venue in question the gig was cancelled. Seanie Sean later lost his right to promote at the venue as no more Far Right shows have been on at the venue in question.

Despite claims the Sean Seanie and The Street Punk Drunks weren’t Far Right and a mistake had been made hadn’t fooled anyone as he later tried to put on a French Nazi band called ‘Haircut’ on in a bar in Birkenhead. That gig also got pulled thanks to Anti-Fascists popping into the venue and making sure it didn’t happen.

So the links with the Far Right getting stronger with them playing with the likes of Tattooed Mother Fuckers who are English Rose the Nazi band in disguise. Same members and same old right wing attitudes! Street Punk Drunks also played Far Right festivals like the ‘Thug Fest’ at the Cherry Tree public house in Dagenham which nearly lost its license for hosting a Blood + Honour gig.

In December of this year Seanie Sean and Street Punk Drunks head out on the road agsin to play another Fascist festival with all the usual suspects in the line up. See screen shot below.

Despite Seanie Seans claims that he’s never seen Far Right people at gigs he played at was proven to be a lie. See screen shot below where Rob Mazza OF Burnt Cross points out to Seanie that he’s telling porkies.

Also proving Seanie Sean wrong is Paul Davidson a fan of ‘Real Oi!’ with this well written posting where Seanie had no comeback from.

Despite calling Anti-Fascists out for supposedly being liars Sean has been caught out lying on a few occasions. The above being one of them.

I needn’t say anymore on that as many of you know the score of what Seanie Sean and the Street Punk Drunks are about.

If you couldn’t think Seanie Sean couldn’t stoop any lower he actually did. If you read the screen shot below he clearly states that he’s using a fake facebook account to add members of my family. In fact the ONLY person he managed to add using the fake name ‘Frank Butcher’ was a 12 year old girl at time now aged 13. She also has learning difficulties.

You will see that he also plans to pay a visit to a house I don’t live in.

However repulsive and immoral it sounds according to West Mercia Police adding a young girl whatever age on the internet isn’t a crime. Now if a 40 something year old chap was seen playing in a play park with children he didn’t know the reality is he’d get a slap but with our internet laws wanting children to be your friends isn’t a crime! But the question has to be asked why did Seanie Sean want to involve a young child who couldn’t tell you the difference between an Anti-Fascist and a Fascist?

A manager from Social Services however said differently and said these words. ‘The fact that a 13 year old was contacted and potentially put in danger would be a child safeguarding issue which should trigger police intervention’.

Still after our meeting at the police on Saturday it was clearly stated that Seanie Sean would be arrested and his computer equipment seized if he tried to harass my family members again.

OK I was warned in the same fashion for calling out Seanie Sean a certain name for his actions above and no matter how repulsed I was by Seanies actions he hadn’t broken any UK laws according to the police.

But yes the visit to the police station was great fun. There was Seanie Sean crying his eyes out to the police in fear of his life while I was cracking jokes about Citizen Smith (For all your foreigners type in Citizen Smith into Google to understand what I’m talking about here) and mentioning I should have brought an Anti-Fascist flag to hang outside the police station.

Despite having a 170 mile round trip from Liverpool to Telford Seanie didn’t get much of a result really. I got warned, he got warned and in fairness the police came to the correct decision for once as it was very obvious to them that Seanie Sean wasn’t an innocent victim here and he had played his part in what is a battle of wills on the internet.

It did prove one thing though! The Far Right haven’t much conviction when they go running to the police for protection in order to silence Anti-Fascists. Remember Seanie Sean hasn’t gone just once. He’s gone three times. Now that to me stinks of desperation to silence what is a very vocal Anti-Fascist. He had failed to do so. I wonder if all those Far Right bands who have shared stages with Seanie Sean and the Street Punk Drunks will now drop their Anti-Police songs now that Seanie Sean is now known as a dirty filthy grass? The lowest of the low going on certain songs which the Far Right have about people who go running to the police.

We shall wait and see eh?

No doubt that Seanie Sean will go running to the police again after reading this blog but I’ve kept it within the confines of the law as stated to me by West Mercia Police on Saturday.

Seanie Sean we wont be stopping our campaign to shut you and other other right wing bands and venues down. That is a promise! We wont let you ruin our scene again. You almost killed it off in the 80's and it isn't happening again in 2012.